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Auto Dialer

An auto dialer automatically phone through a list of numbers and plays a recorded message to the call recipient. No telemarketers are necessary unless you allow the call recipient to be transferred back to your call center.

Preview Dialer

A Preview Dialer will load the “Next Call” details for the telemarketer/adviser to preview before they click dial. Good for calls that require some research before contact is made with the call recipient.


Progressive Dialer

A Progressive Dialer will load and dial  the “Next Call” details for the telemarketer/adviser as soon as they complete their current call, removing wait time and increasing productivity significantly.


Predictive Dialers

Predictive Dialers makes a large number of calls and when someone answers the phone it transfers the call to a telemarketer


What is a Predictive Dialer?

A predictive dialer is centralized auto dialer that automatically makes a large number of calls and when someone answers the call, it transfers the call to a telemarketer. The hardware to do this is very sophisticated and able to detect busy signal, answer phones, no answer (after a set number of rings) and of course, if someone has answered the call.

Problems with Predictive Dialers

The predictive dialer needs to calculate how often to place calls so that is minimizes the wait time for a telemarketer between calls.  It calculates that a certain number of calls will be busy or no answer, so it over-dials, connecting ‘live’ callers to a telemarketer/adviser as they become available. If it over-compensates it can end up with more live callers than telemarketers/advisers, so it ends up dropping the call.  Perhaps you have experienced this – when you answer a call only to find you hear a click and the line goes dead -it’s never nice to be on the receiving end of this. In fact, most countries have stringent rules that regulate exactly how many calls you are permitted to drop and if you drop too many you can face large fines or the threat of being closed down.


Who Uses Predictive Dialers?

Predictive dialers are typically used in very high volume, low margin outbound call centers where efficiency of the telemarketers/advisers  and cost per call are vital.  For smaller call centers, a predictive dialer is too expensive and the predictive nature of them tends to be less than optimal. The alternative to a predictive dialer is to use a Preview or Progressive Dialer. Acarda Outbound is perfect for small to medium sized call centers. It is a call manager with speed-dialing capability.

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