Auto Dialers and the Law


Acarda Sales Technologies Limited is governed by New Zealand law and New Zealand jurisdiction.

Your National, Federal and State Law may impose restrictions on the ability to solicit by telephone or facsimile. Laws vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and a violation of such laws may result in significant penalties and other sanctions. Acarda Sales Technologies Limited accepts no liability whatsoever for your using our software products contrary to the laws and regulations in force in your area of operation of the software.

Any person intending to use Acarda Sales Technologies Limited products for solicitation purposes should consult with their own counsel to determine the extent, if any, of permissible solicitation activities. We recommend you seek technical advice to ensure our software products are configured in such a way as to ensure they comply with the relevant laws in your area of operation.

By using our software products (both registered and/or unregistered versions) you agree to comply with national, local, state, and federal laws, and you acknowledge that compliance with such laws may limit your use of the Product for certain applications, including, but not limited to direct marketing and telemarketing applications. Under no circumstances will Acarda Sales Technologies Limited, the producers or their authorised distributors be liable in any way for any violation of applicable laws in the jurisdiction/s where you operate the Acarda Sales Technologies Limited products.