Acarda Messenger Auto Dialer Hardware Requirements

To Use Acarda Messenger Auto Dialer You Will Need:





blue phone


Can you supply the dialogic card or a complete system?

If you wish to purchase a complete system, ie a computer with software and dialogic card already installed, please contact us for more details. You can also purchase a software licence plus a dialogic card (a kit) from us to install into your own computer. Please return to this page to make sure you also understand the PBX requirements for the software you select.


Otherwise, you can purchase the individual components are put them together yourself.

What are the Computer Requirements?

We recommend running Acarda Messenger on a computer with Windows 2000/XP.

The minimum specification for the computer should be:

Pentium III or equivalent. Typically 128M RAM.

1 PCI slot for the PCI Dialogic Card.

(PCI cards are not supported on Windows 95/98.)

What are the PBX requirements?

Acarda Messenger requires a PBX telephone system (or Centrex service) to transfer calls. However, if you do not intend to enable call recipients to transfer back to someone within your company then you DO NOT require a PBX telephone system (or Centrex service) as a standard analog telephone line will be sufficient. For our telephony applications to work, your telephone system (PBX or Centrex service) must be able to transfer calls by switch-hooking (ie momentarily disconnecting and then dialling the number you want to be transferred to), and sending DTMF tones. Most modern PBX’s function in this way. If it is a digital PBX, you will need to have an analog card installed.

What are the Dialogic Card Requirements?

To connect the computer to your telephone line you require a professional Dialogic Telephony Card. Acarda Messenger will work with:












and other compatible cards.

The D/4PCI and D/4PCIU is a PCI card and is supported by Windows 2000/XP and not Windows 95/98. All the other cards above are ISA format and can be used on Windows 2000/XP or 95/98. Acarda Messenger can be licensed for up to 12 analog lines (ports) on one computer.

Note: When ordering your Dialogic card, remember to order the Dialogic Driver CD-Rom disk. The Dialogic driver you need depends on the operating system of your computer:

  • The D/4PCI requires the SR5.1 or SR6 driver.
  • The D/4PCIU requires the SR6 driver (or SR5.1.1 with Feature Pack)
  • The ISA cards use Windows 95 driver with PTR5083

You can download PTR 5083 here.

Where can I buy a Dialogic Card from?

You may be able to find a second-hand card from E-Bay. Be careful that you buy the type of card that can fit in a slot in your computer motherboard, usually the older, less expensive, universal PCI or the newer PCI Express slot. Dialogic pricings for used cards range from as low as $100 to $400 depending on how old they are and who you are buying from. Usually the older D/4PCI Dialogic Cards are fine. You can also purchase a range of secondhand Dialogic Cards from, see Find a reseller of Find New dialogic cards here.You may need assistance from your IT/computer support people to put it together. If you buy a Dialogic Card make sure you ask for the Dialogic Drivers that are needed for it.

How much does Acarda Messenger Auto Dialer software cost?

You can find pricing for the Acarda Messenger Auto Dialer software here.
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