Auto Dialer Software

No more Cold Calling! Use our auto dialer to find qualified sales leads, chase bad debts, carry out market research surveys and phone your constituents.  And all for an affordable, buy once-for-life price.


Messages Every Day

Acarda Messenger Auto Dialer automatically places calls and plays a recorded message e.g a sales message, a survey or an event/debt collection message.

Call Recipient Responses

The Call Recipient can press numbers on their phone to show they want to be phoned back or to answer survey questions. They can also leave messages/survey answers.

Transfer Back To You

Depending on your phone system, the person called can be transferred back to talk to you directly.
Telemarketing Sales Lead Generation Auto Dialer
Survey, Market Research or Polling Auto Dialer
Debt Collection and Event Notification Auto Dialer
Acarda Messenger Auto Dialer Pricing and Features


Do Not Call List Function
Verify the listener is the right person to hear the message
Play a different message if call answered by answer machine

Import numbers easily into a Call List.


Automatic reschedule of call  if phone is busy or not answered


The listener can select to be transferred, e.g. to a salesperson or market researcher

Call Statistics
Set start and stop times for each day of the week

Up to ten campaigns loaded at one time.

Auto dialer for sales lead generation

Create Your Calling List:

Import A List of Numbers

You can import a list of telephone numbers for the auto dialer to call.

Add Phone Numbers Manually

You can add individual numbers manually into the Acarda auto dialer.

Generate Numbers Automatically

Acarda auto dialer can automatically create a list of numbers to call, and then scrub them against a Do Not Call list.


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